Our slogan about fatherhood: Be the rock. Light the way.

We wanted to dig a little deeper into the words rock star and fatherhood in general. The name Rock Star Dads felt right (as explained here) but we had to spend some time ruminating on it. And the more we thought about it, we found symbolism that made sense – and this birthed our slogan.

Be the rock.

Rocks are strong. Rocks are steady. Rocks are reliable. You know exactly what you get when you pick up a rock.

Look at it this way: she needs to know she can count on you. Whether she’s having a bad day or whether it’s during labor, she needs to know she can count on you. You need to be steady & reliable.

This goes for fatherhood too – when your kid bumps her head or scrapes her knee, she’s gonna come to you. And you’re have to deliver, over and over again.

the rock
You can also be The Rock (fannypack not included)

Be the rock. Be the strong, steady, supportive person they need. Give them strength, give them empathy, give them love. Give them what they need.

Keep in mind, though, that we’re not saying to be like a rock when it comes to emotions and feelings. Times have changed; we disagree with the idea that men can’t/shouldn’t express their feelings. Men must express their feelings because we are always teaching our children by example.

Be happy, be sad, be whatever – just be open about your feelings.

Light the way.

Stars are amazing.

Besides being beautiful, sparkling things in the sky, they help us navigate. In the northern hemisphere, we use the Big Dipper to find the star Polaris which points north. In the southern hemisphere, the constellation Crux (aka the Southern Cross) points south.

Stars light the way (see what we did there?). We might meander and explore but when we check our bearings, the stars show us the way. So how does this work in our daily lives?

light the way
Stars are amazing. You can be amazing too.

Partners look to us for support & love. Children look to use for love & guidance. We already mentioned teaching by example above, but that’s part of a greater idea: fatherhood is leading by example.

Anyone can be a leader – it does not require having followers. As part of a family, our actions have consequences big and small. During childbirth our calm & confidence can help her from focusing on fear and pain. We can make gentle suggestions to talk a walk or eat something. We can help light the way.

As parents and partners, we can lead by example. We can inspire our partners (and be inspired by them too). By being compassionate, loving, considerate and supportive. By having passions and hobbies so children can see what personal satisfaction looks like. By sharing our feelings and working through stress productively. By making mistakes and learning from them (something our children can learn from too).

And we can lead by example no matter where we are – home, work, wherever. It’s not about being better than someone else or anything like that. It’s about trying to do the right thing, no matter where we are.

Be the rock. Light the way.

So there you have it – the story behind our slogan. And now you know why we’ve got a gorgeous picture of a mountain range under a starry sky on our home page. Mountains are really, really big rocks. And it’s all light up by stars.

If you think that’s heavy on the symbolism, here’s some more: climbing a mountain is a big deal. Kinda like … supporting birth. And how does one climb a mountain? With practice and planning – just like … supporting birth.

There you go – symbolism up the wazoo. Can you dig it?

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