Know a Rock Star Dad? We need photos of their awesomeness!

Rock Star Dads needs photos of Rock Star Dads!

Do you know a dad who’s awesome? We want to spread the love and share pix of awesome dads! Dads are important people. We want to raise awareness of awesome dad-ness and inspire other dads, dads to be and partners too!

We’re looking for all kinds of photos to share because dads can be awesome in so many ways. From babywearing to parenting teens and everything in-between, we’re looking for pix. If you have a picture that you feel captures a special moment with your rock star partners and your kid(s), we’d love to share it!

The photos we’re looking for need to include dads with their partners and/or kids, doing kick-ass dad things like:

  • Babywearing
  • Being silly
  • Birth coaching
  • Comforting
  • Cuddling
  • Multitasking & dadhacks (stuff like a babywearing dad pushing another kid in a stroller while walking two dogs)
  • Playing
  • Having fun

Dadhood is diverse and comes in all shapes and sizes. We’d like nothing more than to share the love and, if you want, tag you in social media.

Ready to share a pic?

Click here to review our release form and submit your photo. Thanks – you rock!



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