Rock Star Dads is a resource and community to help dads and partners successfully navigate pregnancy, birth and life after birth.

If you’re looking for tips and advice from people who’ve been through the whole ‘becoming a dad’ thing, you’ve come to the right place!

You can expect advice & information relevant to you & your experience as someone who:

  • has a pregnant partner
  • is going to support them during birth
  • is going to become a parent

Our advice is practical and coming from two guys who’ve supported a least 4 births each and love family life. We’ll have some guests come & share their knowledge too because we don’t know everything (just don’t tell our kids that ;)).

Between the two of us, we’ve got a LOT of kids. Chaz has 7, Arp has 4 (and got snipped because one surprise was enough!). The kids range in age from a few months to the early twenties; we’ve experienced so much related to life with kids.

But we’ve learned that parenting is like the tv show Survivor – where the game is always changing. Parenting is always changing too because what works one week might not work the next! So I’m sure we’ll be sharing some experiences with y’all that we didn’t expect!

We actually met through a documentary called Orgasmic Birth.

It sounds kinda crazy but it’s really all about natural birth (and we highly recommend watching it). We both shared the pregnancies & births of, coincidentally, our second children. We met after the documentary wrapped and hit it off – both us and our partners; we’ve been great friends since.

The idea for the site conceived by me, Arp, who saw Birth #2 as a chance for redemption; I was crap at supporting my wife for the first birth. While I did the best I could, it wasn’t good enough (read the birth story to see why). I don’t see how I could’ve done better as there wasn’t much info out there that could have prepared me but the guilt stays with me to this day.

For Birth #2, I read and prepared. I read a lot about how natural birth was being railroaded by the medical community. How interventions were not always to the benefit of mother and baby. I was determined to not let my wife down and that focus made a difference. I wasn’t perfect but we had a beautiful, natural birth.

Wanting to do better and working at it made a huge difference for the second birth. I felt good about myself. She felt empowered. That’s what the first birth should’ve been and I wish that someone had pulled me aside and told me what to do.

I knew I wasn’t the only one who walked into a birth pretty much clueless. Thus was born the idea that finally came to life as what you see here: Rock Star Dads. If we can help one person kick ass during birth, it will make our day.

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